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“In 2016, my family and I moved to Panama on behalf of the Jewish community and I had to leave my previous job and make a change.
As someone who loves fashion and design and makes sure to always be up-to-date on all the trends, I was disappointed time and time again in my search for Judaica products that would be beautiful in my eyes and would also allow me to enjoy a fashion statement.

After I couldn’t find a tefillin bag that would match what I envisioned for my husband, I decided to create it myself. I bought fabrics, sat down to work on the sewing machine and created the first tefillin bag. The result was very successful and responses and questions were received where a similar bag can be purchased. And over time more products were added, such as challah covers and napkins, talithos and more.

I was privileged to combine my love for fashion and design with the tradition I came from and today I am proud to produce modern, designed and stylish Judaica.

I invite you to enjoy the variety of products and collections and be excited together with me by the combination of old and new.

 Zivi Ben Chaim


“זכיתי לשלב בין האהבה שלי לאופנה ועיצוב לבין המסורת ממנה הגעתי וכיום אני גאה לייצר יודאיקה מודרנית, מעוצבת ומלאת סטייל.

אני מזמינה אותך ליהנות  ממגוון המוצרים והקולקציות ולהתרגש ביחד איתי מהשילוב בין ישן לחדש”.

Zivi Ben Chaim